Button Sampler

The Button Sampler is ideal for low level personal or area inhalable sampling. It is a filter sampler with a porous curved-surface inlet designed to improve the collection characteristics of inhalable dust (100 µm aerodynamic diameter), including bioaerosols for total (viable plus non-viable) microbial count. Its conductive stainless steel inlet reduces electrostatic effects. The evenly spaced holes act as sampling orifices for multi-directional sampling. The proximity of the filter to the inlet minimises transmission losses and provides for equal distribution of particle loading and low intersample variation. The Button Sampler uses 25 mm filters, and filters with pore sizes greater than 1 µm are recommended to lower back pressure and to enhance sample times with personal sample pumps.

Button Sampler
Button Sampler with protective shield
Button Sampler in use

  • Referenced in MDHS 14/4
  • Small and lightweight
  • Autoclavable
  • Low sensitivity to wind direction and velocity
  • Suitable for collecting bioaerosols for viable and non-viable analysis
  • 4 L/min flow rate enhances sensitivity

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