The History of SKC

SKC Inc was established in 1962 in Pittsburgh, USA founded by Lloyd V Guild. Originally called 'Scientific Kit Corporation', manufacturing and selling gas chromatography accessories and calorimeters, it officially became 'SKC' in 1979, and later in 1982 SKC Limited was established as a European head office.

SKC has an excellent track record in air sampling, spanning over 50 years, and is recognised in Europe and worldwide. We were involved in some of the very first research and development within the area of air sampling for airborne contamination such as sorbent tubes, and forged links with the research communities and bodies, such as the HSE in the UK and OSHA/NIOSH in the USA. These are still maintained today.

SKC has become known throughout industry as a leading supplier of products for occupational hygiene but we also offer products for environmental sampling and noise monitoring, providing equipment that meets our high standards of quality, reliability and value.

SKC Ltd has been a continuously ISO 9001 registered company for over 25 years.

SKC Ltd Offices UK

SKC Ltd Offices, UK

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SKC Inc Offices, USA