While there is no standardised method for bioaerosol collection at this time, many organisations, including SKC, are researching improved measurement techniques. The patented  BioSampler® is a result of SKC's work with leading scientists at the University of Cincinnati.


  • Allows use of non-evaporating collection liquids
  • Patented swirling liquid collection method minimises re-aerosolisation and particle bounce
  • Preserves micro-organism integrity and viability
  • Reusable — can be autoclaved
  • Maintains constant sampling efficiency up to 8 hours
  • Collected bioaerosols can be analysed by a variety of methods
  • Complete glass construction allows easy cleaning, sterilising, autoclaving and reuse
  • Collection liquid easily ransferred to agar plate for culturing

U.S Patent No. 5,902,385 (device)
U.S Patent No. 5,904,752 (method)

BioSampler Operation

The BioSampler® must be operated with a high volume sonic flow pump, such as the BioLite/BioLite+ Pump, that can maintain 15 inches mercury or 0.5 of an atmosphere of downstream pressure in the system. The BioSampler’s three tangential nozzles act as critical (sonic) orifices, each permitting 4.2 L/min of ambient air to pass through for a total flow rate of approximately 12.5 L/min. Collection liquid with a viscosity much higher than water, such as ViaTrap (special mineral oil), can be used with the BioSampler to provide constant collection efficiency over an 8 hour sampling period.

Bioaerosol Sampling Selection GuideBioaerosol Sampling Selection Guide
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