Air Sampling Pumps

SKC offers a wide range of pumps for all your air sampling and air monitoring needs. Whether you are sampling for dusts/particulates, vapours/gases, bioaerosols or environmental, high or low flow rates, and whatever your environment we have a sample pump suitable for you. See our Sample Pump Selection Guide for more advice.

Sidekick Pump

Sidekick Air Sampling Pump

• Simple to use
• ATEX Approved models
• Up to 12 hours run time
• Flow range: 5 to 3000ml/min

  Dust           Vapours

AirLite Pump

AirLite Air Sampling Pump

• Lightweight
• Convenient
• Uses alkaline batteries
• Flow range: 5 to 3000ml/min

  Dust           Vapours

AirChek 3000 Pump

AirChek 3000 Air Sampling Pump

• ATEX Approved (inc M1)
• Programmable
• IECEx certified
• Flow range: 5 to 3250ml/min

  Dust           Vapours

AirChek TOUCH Pump

AirChek TOUCH Air Sampling Pump

• Colour touch screen
• Programmable
• Up to 20 hours run time
• Flow range: 5 to 5000ml/min

  Dust           Vapours

Universal Pump

Universal Air Sampling Pump

• Built-in flow indicator
• ATEX Approved models
• Exhaust port for bag sampling
• Flow range: 5 to 4000ml/min

  Dust           Vapours

Pocket Pump TOUCH Pump

Pocket Pump Touch Air Sampling Pump

• Compact
• Touch screen
• ATEX/UL Approved
• Flow range: 20 to 500ml/min


AirChek XR5000 Pump

AirChek XR5000 Air Sampling Pump

• Up to 40 hours run time
• Programmable
• High back pressure capability
• Flow range: 5 to 5000ml/min

  Dust           Vapours

Leland Legacy Pump

Leland legacy Air Sampling Pump

• Ambient monitoring for dusts, bioaerosols or pesticides
• Up to 24 hours run time
• Flow range: 5 to 15000 ml/min

  Environmental       Bioaerosol

Flite 3 Pump

Flite 3 Air Sampling Pump

• Ideal for area sampling
• Long run times
• Flow range: 2000 to 20,000ml/min

  Asbestos     Environmental

BioLite+ Pump

BioLite+ Air Sampling Pump

• Specifically designed for sampling biological hazards
• Flow range: 0 to 62 L/min


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