ISO-CHEK Cassettes

Suitable for most isocyanates, the patented ISO-CHEK sampling system uses a two-stage filter that results in the simultaneous collection and separation of vapour from aerosol at the point of collection.

ISO-CHEK Cassettes
ISO-CHEK Cassettes
  • Accurately samples diisocyanates: HDI, MDI, IPDI, HMDI, 2,4-TDI, and 2,6-TDI
  • The only filter-based system that simultaneously traps and separates both monomers and oligomers
    • For better determinations of control strategies
  • Decreases sample preparation and analysis time by 40% compared to other methods
    • Pre-made calibration standards are available
  • Highly stable — minimizes storage and handling
  • Highly sensitive analysis provides detection limits below current regulated exposure levels
    • Ideal for occupational sampling and environmental surveys
    • Requires only a 15-minute sample time
  • Meets the specifications of several methods
    • ASTM D5932 for 2,4, 2,6-TDI
    • ASTM D6561 for HDI
    • ASTM D6562 for HDI

U.S Patent No. 4,961,916

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