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Air Sampling for SARS COV-2

SKC can provide the equipment for air sampling for the presence/absence of SARS COV-2 using SKC PTFE 37mm filters, pre-loaded in clear styrene cassettes, and the contact details of a UK laboratory that can provide you with the analysis. For further information please contact us. 

 The COVID-19 virus225- 1723 Clear Styrene Cassette

We have further information on COVID-19 sampling and also on Bioaerosol Sampling.

New Sampling Pumps

We'd like to introduce our new air sampling pumps, the AirChek ESSENTIAL and the AirChek CONNECT. The ESSENTIAL pump is very simple to use with an intuitive touch keypad. The CONNECT is a programmable pump with touch screen operation and BlueTooth capability. Both pumps are ATEX approved, have a flow range of 5 to 5000ml/min, long run times of up to 40 hours on a single charge, and excellent back pressure capabilities.

AirChek ESSENTIAL sample pump, ATEX approvedAirChek CONNECT- Bluetooth connected touch screen sample pump

Skin and Surface Sampling Ranges

On July 15, 2019, SKC acquired Colormetric Laboratories, Inc. (CLI). Our range of Skin and Surface products includes the popular SWYPE ranges, the PERMEA-TEC pads for glove efficacy testing and the D-Tam Skin Cleanser.

Surface SWYPE for identifying contaminationPERMEA-TEC pads for glove efficacy testingD-TAM Skin Cleanser for removing contaminants


SKC Ltd is also an authorised distributor for the Gastec range of detection tubes, utilising colorimetric technology as a simple, quick and low cost indicator of a wide variety of gases and vapours.

Gastec Tubes for accurately analysing a wide variety of gases and vapoursGastec Dosi-tube provides convenient monitoring for gases and vapours

New Particulate Monitor

We also have a new direct reading particulate monitor, the HAZ-DUST 7204 for concurrent dust monitoring and gravimetric dust sampling, which has a real-time colour graphical display of concentration with touch screen controls.

 HAZ-DUST 7204 Particulate MonitorThe HAZ-DUST 7204 Particulate Monitor

For further information on any of these or our other ranges please contact us.